Questions fréquentes

EMERFLEX is the only natural and locally sourced industrial-quality insulation solution in Martinique. Installing this ecological insulation panel in air-conditioned spaces can save up to 70% of electrical energy consumed by the air conditioning system.

According to our studies and tests, using our products can reduce electricity consumption related to air conditioning by approximately 7% per degree Celsius difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures (when the air conditioning is in use).

Example: indoor temperature: 25°C / outdoor temperature: 35°C, thus 35-25 = 10°C difference. 10 * 7 = 70% energy savings.

Finally, EMERFLEX combats pollution in construction because it is recyclable on the island.

Installing EMERWALL materials, such as EMERFLEX panels, does not require specific professional training. Installation guidelines from the EMERWALL technical team, coordinated by CSTB and Karibati, are provided upon purchase and can be downloaded from the product page.

However, we recommend that professionals seek advice from the EMERWALL technical team.

EMERWALL organizes and directs the delivery of the panels. Delivery costs are borne by the customer.

EMERWALL insulation panels are delivered worldwide.

EMERWALL prioritizes excess bagasse quantities in Martinique, totaling 7,000 tons per year.

This available bagasse quantity exceeds the minimum required to sustain operations.

Additionally, the total bagasse potential in Martinique is about 60,000 tons per year.

The loose fill form is not currently in sufficient demand for EMERWALL to start production in this form. Other products from the circular economy are more suitable at present.

However, EMERWALL plans to develop the EMERFLEX range in rolls by 2025/2026.

  1. Martinique’s distilleries (JM and La Mauny) approached us at the inception of EMERWALL to optimize their bagasse management. These companies provided us with several tons of bagasse for our Research and Development activities and the necessary quantities during the production startup phase.

  2. All conditions for EMERWALL’s development are present in Martinique.

  3. In a broader sense, Martinique’s economic actors have enabled us to establish and strengthen our activities from the outset.

The production site is located in Ducos, Martinique. The technical support, administrative, financial, and commercial team are based at the Agora Business Center, Zac Etang Z’abricots in Fort-de-France. To contact us, click here.

Producers aim to increase the value of the bagasse they produce. It’s a contract-based process that determines when and how much bagasse can be recovered. Bagasse prices are very low and barely allow producers to break even by selling this resource.

The EMERWALL team returned to the Caribbean to meet the needs of construction professionals by developing the EMERFLEX insulation solution. Since early 2023, all team members have been officially back in their homeland full-time.