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GreenTech Innovation Label Winner 2024

EMERWALL is the first company in the overseas departments and regions to receive the GREENTECH label in the sustainable building category.

Public Procurement of Green Innovations

The GREENTECH INNOVATION label serves as an important differentiation criterion for public entities seeking to choose innovative solutions that contribute to ecological transition. In public procurement, their decisions support startups and SMEs in the ecological sector, fostering the development of the green technology market.

The GREENTECH INNOVATION distinction awarded to EMERWALL is a significant marker for a company committed to providing innovative, greener, and more sustainable construction solutions.


Innov Contest 2023

Emerwall, winner of the PIA4 prize in the Innov France Relance 2030 contest awarded by ADEME and BPI France, propels innovation in materials for a more sustainable future.

Logo Réseau Entreprendre

Réseau Entreprendre Winner in 2023

Valentin LACROIX was elected the 2023 winner of Réseau Entreprendre, to boost job creation in Martinique.

Innovation Outre-Mer 2022

EMERWALL received the “Innovation Outre-Mer 2022” public prize, 7th edition.


Overseas Ambassador 2021 and 2022

Valentin LACROIX was elected in 2021 and again in 2022 as the Moovjee ambassador for the overseas regions. His mission is to represent entrepreneurship and innovation in the overseas territories.


French Tech Innovation Winner 2021

Awarded by BPI France, this prize recognizes the characterization and certification work of the EMERFLEX material, a thermal andacoustic insulator made from sugarcane bagasse.