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thermal and acoustic
insulating panels

High-performance construction materials
rmade from sugarcane bagasse

Interior roof insulation

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Our mission

Effectively improve the thermal and acoustic comfort of living spaces, especially in hot regions, by utilizing locally sourced, bio-based agricultural by-products.

Support industry, construction, and renovation professionals in their eco-friendly efforts while preserving their development dynamics, by adhering to a circular economy approach and promoting short supply chains.

A local, innovative, and efficient solution that is more environmentally friendly, creates jobs, and enhances our territory.

EMERWALL manufactures bio-based insulating panels in Martinique for construction and renovation. Their performance and intrinsic characteristics offer numerous advantages and also meet the specific requirements of projects in tropical regions such as the Caribbean and Latin America. Our products are composed of over 90% sugarcane bagasse sourced exclusively from Martinican distilleries. In harmony with the circular economy, they align with the eco-design approach of users while enhancing a local agricultural by-product.

Panneaux isolants thermiques et acoustiques écoresponsables

Why choose EMERWALL bio-based insulation solutions?

A multitude of advantages in both construction and renovation
compared to conventional materials


Natural products, aligned with eco-design and circular economy principles. The raw material is easily recyclable and reusable.

High performance

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Easy to install

Simple cutting
Compressible, flexible and adaptable
No residues

High quality

No settling effect, especially in vertical installations throughout the product's lifespan

Certified and labeled

Perfectly suited for projects with high environmental standards.
LEED, BREEAM, NF HQE certifi cations...

Ideal for tropical regions

Naturally regulates humidity levels thanks to its breathable properties.
Resistant to insects and mold


No VOC emissions unlike other substances

Improves comfort

High phase shift and amplitude attenuation
Strong thermal inertia due to excellent heat capacity
Hygrothermal regulation

Competitive pricing

The intrinsic characteristics of the concept, expertise, and mastery of the short supply chain and process allow for optimized cost management

Securing quality solutions through a combination of expertise and short supply chain management

French quality internationally

Made in France

The EMERFLEX brand is Made in France & Made in Martinique. The 100% French manufacturing quality ensures regular activity for the entire Martinique territory. EMERWALL’s 360 m² site in Martinique brings together the unique industrial expertise that gave birth to EMERFLEX. Martinique’s strategic position in the Caribbean makes it a perfect location for the development and continuation of bio-based insulation production at the regional level.

The factory: a perpetual quest for excellence

Fabrication des panneaux isolants thermiques et acoustiques écosresponsables

The Ducos factory and its R&D center have 100% integrated innovative manufacturing processes. EMERWALL’s collaboration with bio-based material experts (ANDRITZ, CETI, FCBA, KARIBATI) has resulted in products characterized by enhanced homogeneity and mechanical strength.

This continuous and rigorous quest for product quality improvement allows EMERFLEX to perfectly meet its customers’ needs.

For you, public sector stakeholders

Budget Optimization for Economic Resilience

To enable effective budget management, EMERWALL offers durable insulation solutions that help you optimize your financial resources beyond construction. By choosing EMERWALL, you reduce your long-term energy costs while complying with stringent public construction regulations. This approach promotes the economic resilience of your entity.

Sustainability and Local Energy Transition

You embody leadership in sustainability. By choosing EMERWALL insulation materials, you demonstrate your commitment to environmentally friendly construction practices. Your choice also supports the transition to local renewable energy, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future for your citizens.

Access to Grants for a Circular Economy

Your public service mission is supported by various specific grants and funding. EMERWALL helps you optimize these resources by offering eco-friendly solutions. This translates to a reduced financial burden on your budgets and promotes a circular economy within your organization.

Local Economic and Social Development

EMERWALL is committed to supporting your community. By choosing EMERWALL, you foster the economic and social development of your region. We use local resources to create our insulation materials, thereby stimulating local agriculture and the social and solidarity economy.

Support for Youth and Integration

We believe in the importance of supporting youth and creating learning and employment opportunities. By collaborating with EMERWALL, you participate in the integration of local young talent into the workforce. Your choice positively impacts the prospects of our youth.

Sustainable Innovation

At EMERWALL, sustainable innovation is our driving force. Our insulation materials result from continuous research to ensure your construction projects are both high-performing and environmentally friendly. Our commitment to a green future promotes sustainable tourism and soft mobility.

With EMERWALL, you have a dedicated and committed partner ready to support your sustainable development, budget efficiency, and positive community impact goals. Join us in shaping a better future together.

Our partners, pillars of our synergy

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