Manufacturing and quality

From raw material to sustainable performance

Raw Bagasse

Bagasse Fiber

Eco-responsible high-performance insulating panels


EMERWALL products contain over 90% bagasse from sugarcane sourced exclusively from distilleries in Martinique. They aremanufactured from carefully selected fibers. The method of bagasse recovery depends on the access configurations and availabilityfrom the distilleries, each with its own specificity. Therefore, we offer a customized logistics solution for optimization. Bagasse is anindustrial by-product with known quality output. We strive to maintain this level of quality from the distillery to our factory by workingwith qualified transporters. Bagasse is delivered to our factory either directly to a feeding hopper or to the compactor for baling.

Compaction and storage

Bagasse production is seasonal (first half of the year). We employ a proven storage method to ensure a year-round supply of rawmaterials. Bagasse is compacted into bales and stored in a hangar, similar to straw storage practices in mainland France. Thissolution reduces storage space and minimizes the risk of bagasse deterioration throughout the year.

The process

Process AIRLAY - Elaboration des panneaux isolants thermiques et acoustiques écoresponsables

AIRLAY Process – Development of eco-responsible thermal and acoustic insulating panels

EMERWALL products are developed at our Ducos site in Martinique
using a ‘dry’ operational method


Sugarcane bagasse is defibrated to extract fibers


Natural fibers are then dried

Mixing with binder

They are mixed with a textile binder

Mechanical bonding

The fibrous mat obtained is heated to create mechanical bonds between fibers with a thermofusible textile binder


Shaping is performed at the end of the process based on the application

High-performance and durable thermal and acoustic insulation panels,
composed of over 90% sugarcane bagasse

Quality, our priority

Quality at every stage of EMERFLEX's life

Our partner distilleries JM and La Mauny produce AOC-quality rum using a two-century-old manufacturing process. Bagasse is collected and transported by EMERWALL’s partners. Throughout these steps, bagasse quality is monitored from distillery output to EMERFLEX product manufacturing. A quality process synchronized with CSR policy is applied throughout the production and delivery cycle of EMERFLEX products to the end customer.

A certified technical solution

With a lambda (λ) of 0.041 W/(m.K), EMERFLEX, the first industrial-grade bagasse fiber insulant allows for EDF’s AgirPlus benefits.

Emerflex has FDES validated by a third party and available on the INIES database (www.inies.fr), an essential requirement for current and future environmentally respectful construction standards (HqE, E+C-, RE2020, etc.).

Our products are certified to NF EN 12667.

The use of EMERFLEX sugarcane bagasse panels in high environmental value projects allows achieving certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, NF HQE, etc., without significantly impacting the total project cost.